UEI 1: Improving freshwater monitoring frameworks and data for research and management

Kochi, Kerala, India - UEI I Presentations (23rd-25th January 2018)

Agenda PDF iconIUKWC_Agenda final.pdf 
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Welcome and Introduction to the IUKWC

Dr A. K. SahaiWelcome and introduction to IUKWC PDF iconSahai_UEI.pdf videoimage
Dr Harry DixonAbout UEI + Structure of the workshopPDF iconDixon_H_UEI_1.pdf videoimage

Session 1: Water quality : Monitoring Pollution & Treatment

Dr Gopal KrishanGroundwater quality monitoring in northwest IndiaPDF iconGopal_K-UEI.pdfvideoimage
Dr Gary FonesThe use of sampling devices to improve the monitoring of anthropogenic pullutants in river catchments in IndiaPDF iconFones_G-UEI.pdfvideoimage
Dr E.V. RamasamyMicroplastics: An Emerging Contaminant - polluting water bodies - less studied in India  

Session 2: Irrigation - Monitoring Availability and Consumption

Dr K. S. H. PrasadDeep Percolation from Water intensive Irrigated Crops PDF iconks_hari_prasad_uei1.pdfvideoimage
Dr Ragab RagabIncreasing Water Use Efficiency and Productivity using new technologiesPDF iconRagab-UEI1.pdfvideoimage
Dr Sunil KumarEmerging Concenpts of Irrigation Water Management & its Suitability in Southern Indian StatesPDF iconKumar-S-UEI.pdfvideoimage

Session 3: Monitoring Aquatic Ecosystems & Biodiversity

Anas AbdulazizWater quality of Vembanad Lake: A Proposed case study using remote sensing, modeling and in situ observationsPDF iconAnas_A.pdfvideoimage
Dr Andrew Tyler
Exploiting EO capability to monitor status and change in the quality of freshwater environments
PDF iconTyler-A-UEI.pdfvideoimage
Dr Jagadish KrishnaswamyFuture of India's rivers : Challenges and OpportunitiesPDF iconKrishnaswamy-UEI.pdfvideoimage

Session 4: Water Provision : Monitoring Supply & Consumption

Prof. Mohan KumarIntegrated Urban Water ManagementPDF iconMohan-UEI.pdfvideoimage
Mr. Andrew MckenzieGroundwater and water resources - UK India collaborations under the Newton Bhabha initiative.PDF iconMcKenzie-A-UEI.pdf videoimage

Welcome to Day - 2

Session 4: Stakeholder Talks

Dr Yashwant SontakkeWater Quality Sector  
Anil Kumar GopinathIncreased Water Use Efficiency for Irrigation projects in Kerala through innovative Environment friendly techniques: The need of the hourPDF iconAnilkr_uei1.pdf 
Dr C. N. MaheswarenWater ProvisionPDF iconMahesvaran-UEI.pdfvideoimage
Dr Bijoy NandanEcosystems and Biodiversity: Tourism PDF iconBijoy_S_uei1.pdfvideoimage

Field Trip : On Vembanad Lake

Dr Nandhini & Dr George GrinsonIntroduction to Vembanad LakePDF iconMenon_George.pdfvideoimage
Dr Ragab RagabDemo of the SALTMED modelPDF iconRagab-UEI.pdfvideoimage

Links and Other Documents

Press Release PDF iconIUKWC UEI-1 News Item press release 25Jan18.pdf