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The India-UK Water Centre hosted a number of activities that were initiated from the wider Indian-UK water research community and delivered with support from the IUKWC. The activities were open to all members of the Open Network to participate, and some were also open to the public. Although it was envisioned that members of both academia and policy/practice/management would participate, the activities did have a slant towards one or the other group in order to meet the Centre’s aims. Activities that focussed more on academia, included workshops, researcher exchange schemes, and pump-priming projects, and those focussed more on stakeholders, were the grassroots field exposure sessions and user engagement initiatives. Webinars, including a series in 2020, were also hosted by the Centre, were open to the public and relevant to both academia and stakeholders.


Scientists (including students), and where possible, members from NGOs and State government, were brought together to: discuss the current state of knowledge in a particular area and identify the future requirements/ideas for joint research. Further information about the Centre's workshops can be found here.

Research Exchange Schemes

Exchanges provided opportunities scientists from each country to visit the other in order to spend time exploring research ideas, building capacity or training in research methods, and exchanging latest findings. Further information about the Centre's Research exchange Schemes can be found here.

Pump Priming Projects

Short-term pilot projects designed to initiate further future collaboration; assess the needs of the community for other directed activities; develop new means of communicating joint research results; assess the state of knowledge and/or conduct proof-of-concept pilot studies. Further information about the Centre's Pump Priming Projects can be found here.

User Engagement Initiatives

Events aimed to promote the translation and communication of outcomes from India-UK water research into policy/operational practice appropriate to users, as well as to collect input on stakeholder needs for future research and innovation. They were designed to bring together scientists with policy makers, regulators or commercial companies. Further information about the Centre's UEIs can be found here.

Grassroot Field Exposure Sessions

GFES were designed to bring together stakeholders on the ground with researchers in the early stages of design and development of water science research and initiatives, in order to promote the assimilation of local knowledge and users experiences to progress the concept of co-production and co-design, and facilitate user feedback into science and policy. More information on the Centre’s GFES can be found here.


IUKWC supported the running of webinars to facilitate collaboration under UK-India projects and interaction with international experts and wider research audience. These webinars were also intended to disseminate findings of IUKWC activities like research exchanges, workshops, pump priming projects, etc. Further information about the Centre's Webinars can be found here.

Participation in the Centre's activities

The IUKWC ran calls that allowed the community to submit proposals to run or participate in its activities. The Centre supported members of the community who ran activities by providing funding and helping facilitate delivery of these activities in India or the UK. Calls to run activities were normally made twice a year and were either Open Calls or Focused Topic Calls to ensure the Centre delivered a balanced portfolio of activities across its scientific themes.