Decentralised Waste Water Treatment System

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Lead PI/s

James Hutton Institute


Indian Institute of Science
Ashoka Trust for Research In Ecology and the Environment
University of Glasgow


Scottish Government

Start and end date

February 2017 – March 2020

Summary of the project

This interdisciplinary project aims to deliver a low cost decentralised wastewater treatment and recycling system in India, that moves towards a closed loop system, recovers resources, improves sanitation, improve s public health, builds social capacity and safeguards the environment.
The system design is modular and so can be adapted for other installations depending on local conditions such as climate variability, population density and land availability.


  • Scientists from Scotland and India share expertise in the system design and research activities
  • Educate to improve public and environmental health
  • Address gender inequalities
  • Youth training programme at the heart of the maintenance plan
  • Future investment plan to ensure project legacy

Environmental benefits

  • Improve groundwater quality
  • End open defecation
  • Reduce waste, water and energy

Contact name/email

Dr Rachel Helliwell -