The IUKWC supported collaboration between India-UK users and researchers in the early stages of design and development of water science research and initiatives, via Grassroots Field Exposure Sessions (GFES). These sessions were designed to promote the assimilation of local knowledge and users experiences into science and policy outputs, as well as to facilitate user feedback into the design of research activities.  GFES were a complimentary instrument to the IUKWC’s User Engagement Initiatives.  GFES progressed the concept of co-production and co-design. 

Three GFES were held and took the form of multi-day events designed to expose scientists to issues faced by water stakeholders at the ground level (for example, local municipal authorities, small and medium-sized enterprises, farmer associations). The initiative adopted a proactive approach to facilitate the future development of demand-based research and associated policy outputs.  The topics for these initiatives were directed by the IUKWC and were planned to cover different agro–climatic zones each time. Each session had two sectoral leads (one each from India and UK) who volunteered or were enlisted by IUKWC, to help design, plan field visits and engagements, and implement each GFES. A mix of  participants with stakeholder engagement and technical expertise were sought to attend the events through a combination of Open Calls and invitations as required to ensure balanced and effective representation.

GFES TitleEvent DatesActivity LeadsLocationPublications
Water Resource Management & Supply in Central India25th to 27th February 2020Dr. Pankaj Kumar and Dr. Sumit SinhaBhopal, India
Water Quality - Source Protection12th to 15th December 2018Dr. Manoj Tiwari and Dr. Richard AllanKolkata, West Bengal, India
Managing and Monitoring Agricultural Water Demand10th to 12th December 2018Dr. Lalu Das and Mr. Dhaval JoshiSundarban, West Bengal, India