Call for Grassroots Field Exposure Sessions Leads

GEFS lead

The India-UK Water Centre is calling for volunteers from its Open Network of Water Scientists to help support the design and implementation of its first Grassroots Field Exposure Sessions (GFES).

The GFES initiative aims to support the collaboration between users and researchers in the earlier stages of water science and promote the assimilation of local knowledge and users experiences into research design to develop ideas for future India-UK water research. GFES will take the form of multi-day events designed to expose scientists to issues faced by water stakeholders at the ground level (for example, local municipal authorities, small and medium-sized enterprises, farmer associations) so as to understand the actual utility of scientific and policy outputs.

The IUKWC will be holding three GFES during late July to early August 2018 and is looking to shortlist two sectoral leads (one each from India and UK) to help design and implement each one. Ideally for each GFES we seek one individual with stakeholder engagement and one with compatible technical expertise. The selected GFES lead will be expected to contribute to the planning of the initiative based on their evidence and experience and will help run the events in the field for one particular sector. The IUKWC will cover all costs for the events.

The GFES leads will get an opportunity to develop new research ideas and establish stakeholder links in West Bengal as well as Develop linkages with other Indian and UK scientists interested in similar interests. Apart from this the leads will also benefit by being the co-author of IUKWC publications for their respective GFES event.

Applicants must be members of the Open Network of India-UK Water Scientists, which is open to any Indian-based or UK-based water scientist to join.

Application to be a sectoral lead for GFES

Applications submitted in response to this call must comply with the following:
Your application will be to be a sectoral lead for one of the three GFES events in India. The initiatives are planned to be spread over the Gangetic Plain Region agro–climatic zone of India, specifically the state of West Bengal, a region with substantial water related challenges.
The three separate but interconnected GFES events focusing on the following topics:

  • Flood Risk Management;
  • Agricultural Water Demand;
  • Water Pollution.

GFES Timing: All three sessions are planned to be conducted back-to-back between July–August 2018. Each session is planned to be specific to a selected focus area and is expected to be spread over 2–3 days. The anticipated dates for each event are:

Focus areasEstimated Timeline
Year 1: Middle & Lower Gangetic Plain region West Bengal
Session 1: Extreme event management (Flood and cyclone)30th July–1st August 2018
Session 2: Agricultural Water Demand2nd –4th August 2018
Session 3: Water pollution6th– 8th August 2018

Eligibility of Applicants: Applications to be a sectoral lead for a GFES must be a member of the Open Network of Water Scientists and should have either technical experience relevant to the scientific theme of the selected GFES or experience in stakeholder engagement and participatory appraisal tools, ideally in the region of focus. Applicants must be eligible and available to travel to attend the GFES during the periods outlined above.

GFES Size: It is anticipated that the workshops would involve a maximum of 17 participants (~10 Indian members and 7 UK members of the IUKWC Open Network) who will be selected by a separate process.

Expectations: The sectoral leads will assist the IUKWC in:

  • Identifying user requirements in the region, based on evidence, to ensure the focus of the event;
  • Help identify stakeholders and develop links to identify priorities for future Joint India – UK research work
  • Identifying previous joint India/UK research that is relevant to the user requirements;
  • Help organise, run and actively participate in the event
  • Defining tangible outputs from these GFES (including outputs that deliver lasting impact).
  • Drafting the GFES report and brief

There is no funding associated with this call; apart from travel and subsistence costs will be covered for the GFES leads to attend the GFES. There is no funding for staff costs of the sectoral leads(or participants).

Assessment Procedure
Applications will be assessed by the IUKWC Secretariat against the following criteria. Applicants should be aware that the GFES will likely include a lot of travel within each 2-3 day session as part of the field exposure element, this may include stays in more remote areas with good, but basic, standards of accommodations.

For each GFES we will seek:
  • One lead from India, and
  • One lead from the UK.
We will seek to have:
  • One of the leads having technical experience in the thematic focus of the GFES, and
  • One of the leads to have experience in stakeholder engagement and participatory appraisal mechanisms.
Other criteria:
  • Experience related to the specific region of focus
  • Capability of the individuals to run the activity
  • Ability to speak Bengali (Desirable)
  • Anticipated added value


01st April 2018: Call opens
30th April 2018: Deadline for submission of application webform
10th May 2018: Applicants notified of outcome


गतिविधि का तिथि पंचांग: 

सोमवार, जुलाई 30, 2018 to बुधवार, अगस्त 8, 2018