January 2020 Publications Update

The World Economic Forum published their Global Risks Report 2020 last week (15th January 2020). The Climate Crisis and the Water Crisis continue to dominate the Global Risk Register. Supporting science and innovation for catchment management has never been more important. It is timely that the report from our India UK Water Centre workshop on science and innovation for catchment management has also just been published.

The specific aims of this workshop were to:

  • Explore and build on existing knowledge and research to enhance collaboration and identify pathways to impact (including relevant NERC-MoES Science).
  • Identify gaps in research and innovation that are constraining sustainable catchment management.
  • Explore innovative approaches to monitoring and management, and consider the potential for SMART Rivers as part of integrated catchment management.

The workshop report is available here. See under the "Reports of Workshops" tab.

A ‘Water Brief’ for Science and Innovation for Catchment Management’ has also been published summering the key findings of the workshop and some suggestions for future action. This Water Brief is available here.