SusHi-Wat - Prof Holman & Dr Momblanch

Sustaining Himalayan Water resources in a changing climate (SusHi-Wat)

Interviewees: Prof. Ian Holman & Dr Andrea Momblanch, Cranfield University, UK

Hindi transcript

Targeted at institutions (or teams within an institution) who have a strategic remit toward water management, use or allocation, at Central, State or River Basin levels, this project focussed on the co-development of a water resource systems model that can be used to inform current and future decision making to support the sustainable development and management of the region's water resources.  It is a ‘whole-systems’ approach, based on the commercially available Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP) model, and hence, readily transferable to other water systems with the support of the key stakeholders. Watch the video to learn more.
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Prof. Ian Holman, Cranfield University, UK          
Dr Andrea Momblanch, Cranfield University, UK