Integrating remotely sensed observations of surface water storage with climate forecast for freshwater management

The Senior Exchange led by Dr Vimal Mishra and hosted by Dr Harjinder Sembhi,  at University of Leicester, UK focussed largely on developing a methodology to estimate freshwater storage of lakes in India using the Multi Spectral Instrument (MSI) on European Space Agency’s Sentinel 2 mission. The specific objectives of the exchange were:

  • To develop a remote sensing based framework to monitor changes in water storage during the dry season in India (science objective);
  • Use of Earth Observation to map variation in surface water extent and to utilise the outputs to determine water storage (volume) using depth-area relationship (science objective); and
  • To transfer knowledge and information about Earth Observation and in situ datasets and co-develop methodology for surface monitoring applications (knowledge exchange objective).

Read the report here .