List of Open Network Members in alphabetical order

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Name Member's Organisation Sector
Dr. Govind Singh Delhi Greens Researcher
Mr. Govindankutty Valliyil Government College Chittur, Palakkad Researcher
Mrs. Gowri U N Ashoka Trust for research in Ecology and the Environment Researcher
Mr. Gurudatta Singh Institute of Environment and sustainable development Researcher
Mr. Gurunath Chinthalu Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Researcher
Dr. HARIDAS VARIKOTTIL RAMAN Centre for Enviornmental Studies in Social Sector (CESSS), Caritas India Researcher
Mr. Harish Kumar National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal - 575025 Researcher
Dr. Harjinder Sembhi University of Leicester Researcher
Prof. Harry Dixon UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Researcher
Mr. Harsh Ganapathi Quash Products India Pvt Ltd Researcher
Ms. Harshita Mujumdar Gupta Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Researcher
Mrs. Harshitha B V ACIWRM, WRD Researcher
Mr. Harvir Harvir Singh National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting Researcher
Miss Helen Houghton-Carr UKCEH Researcher
Dr. Helena I Gomes University of Nottingham Researcher
Mr. Hemedi Bakari Sheshunda Ministry of Water Tanzania Researcher
Miss Himani Bisht Kumaun University, Nainital, Uttarakhand, India Researcher
Miss Himani Chauhan Chauhan The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
Prof. Ian Holman Cranfield University Researcher
Dr. Ian Thornhill Earthwatch Institute Researcher
Dr. Ina Pohle James Hutton Institute Researcher
Mr. Indra kant jha EMERGY Enviro Private Limited Researcher
Dr. Indrani Roy University of Exeter
Dr. Indu J Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Researcher
Dr. Inge Aalders James Hutton Institute Researcher
Dr. Irfan Rashid University of Kashmir Researcher
Mr. ISHAN SHARMA IIT Roorkee Researcher
Miss ISHITA BHATNAGAR Indian Insitute of Technology Researcher
Dr. Iwan Jones Queen Mary University of London Researcher