At least two types of publications were developed following IUKWC activities.  These can be found below, along with the Centre's Progress Reports and Blogs written by some of our activity leads


Activity Reports

Short reports that outline the science focus, programme development, and participation in each activity sponsored by the IUKWC. 

Water Brief

Selection of 18 short and accessible, bilingual summaries on particular topics in water science from the UK and/or India, which provide an overview of the current state of India-UK science & recommendations for future collaboration; potential policy implications of new science,or science required to support future policy development;  future training needs. 
Progress Reports

Progress reports

Annual reports that highlight the progress IUKWC made over the years. 


Blogs from our Junior Exchange Researchers on their experiences with working with communities on rain water harvesting (Paula Arce Vicente) & the role aerogels can play on catchment management (Johnny Bloor). Also see the blog on the Sundarbans and impact of changes in summer monsoon (Gagnon et al).