Five Pump Priming Projects were funded through the IUKWC. PPPs are short-term pilot projects designed to initiate further future collaboration; assess the needs of the community for other directed activities; develop new means of communicating joint research results; assess the state of knowledge and/or conduct proof-of-concept pilot studies.

The first two PPPs arose from the first IUKWC workshop and the last two arose from the first GFES event. The second PPP gave rise to the topic for the third workshop and brought the topic full circle with a funded project (HEPPI under WCSSP-India).

All projects comprised of at least one UK and one Indian collaborator as Activity Leads. The PPPs were initiated using a combination of Focused Calls and targeted pieces of work commissioned directly by the IUKWC on a specific topic, to ensure delivery across the Centre's scientific themes. The Centre provided funding and support in agreeing the scope of the work. Funding was limited to £10,000 for UK partners and ₹15,00,000 for Indian partners.

Project TitleDurationActivity LeadsLocationPublications
The influence of the monsoon on freshwater availability for agriculture in the Sundarbans region of West Bengal, India, under current and climate change conditions2nd May to 31st August 2019Prof. Lalu Das and Dr. Alexandre GagnonSundarbans, West Bengal, India
Improving our understanding of the aquifer system in the Sundarbans1st May to 30th October 2019Dr. Gopal Krishan, Dr Purnabha Dasgupta, and Dr. Andrew McKenzieSundarbans, West Bengal, India
Synergistic utilisation of EO-based soil moisture observations: Applications in the UK and India1st Dec 2017 to Mayst May 2018Dr. Manika Gupta and Dr. Emma TebbsUniversity of Delhi, India
Current opportunities and challenges in developing hydro-climatic services in the Himalayas2nd Feb to 31st August 2017Dr Martin Widmann and Dr. J. SanjayUK
Ways of optimising new hydro-climatic services for stakeholders1st Feb to 31st October 2017Dr. Zareen Bharucha and Dr. Rajib ChattopadhyayMaharashtra, India