Alluvial Aquifers: Profs. Sinha & Densmore

Alluvial aquifer characterisation and data integration for better groundwater management in India

Interviewees: Prof. Rajiv Sinha, IIT Kanpur & Prof. Alexander Densmore, University of Durham, UK

Hindi transcript

This project, done in close collaboration with the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB), can support the development of sustainable groundwater management plans for states where alluvial aquifers are prominent (Haryana and Punjab - the pilot study sites, as well as UP and Bihar).  The alluvial aquifer system that underlies the Indo-Gangetic basin in north western India, is one of the world’s largest such systems, with the greatest sustained groundwater loss anywhere on the planet.  This multi-disciplinary project developed a framework that shows how water level declines are linked to underlying geomorphic settings of the region, and that different future water scenarios and water efficiency interventions, will result in variable results across the system.  An informative interview for the agriculture sector which draws the most from groundwater, and anyone interested in groundwater management. 
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Prof. Rajiv Sinha, IIT, Kanpur, India             
Prof. Alex Densmore, Durham University, UK