Research Exchanges : Integrating remotely sensed observations of surface water storage with climate forecast for freshwater management

Indian Activity Lead Name: 

Dr. Vimal Mishra

Indian Activity Lead Organization: 

IIT, Gandhinagar

UK Activity Lead Name: 

Dr. Harjinder Sembhi

UK Activity Lead Organisation: 

University of Leicester

Surface water bodies play an important role to provide water during the dry season (November to May) in India. Variation in the extent of surface water bodies is linked with their storage. Remote sensing has successfully provided the solutions for monitoring water storage in large water bodies (such as reservoirs). However, monitoring changes in water storage through remote sensing of smaller water bodies (less than 100000 square meters) remains a challenge. This is mainly because of the coarser resolution of the remotely sensed dataset. Tracking of storage changes in smaller water bodies using remote sensing can help in understanding the risks of water availability in a region. Moreover, it can provide a valuable information to stakeholders for decision making in freshwater management. This exchange visit aims to develop a remote sensing based framework to monitor changes in water storage during the dry season in India.

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RE_University of Leicester