Researcher Exchanges : Consolidating learning about stakeholder engagement across research and practice: Toward the development of hydro-climatic practice

Hydroclimatic services

Indian Activity Lead Name: 

Dr. Crispino Lobo

Indian Activity Lead Organization: 

Watershed Organisation Trust

UK Activity Lead Name: 

Dr. Meaghan Daly

UK Activity Lead Organisation: 

University of Leeds

This Researcher Exchange was conducted between 28 April–18 May 2017. The exchange enabled knowledge-sharing activities aimed at leveraging the comparative experiences of the visiting researcher and the host institution to consolidate learning, to identify existing challenges and gaps in knowledge, and to explore new research trajectories. This was achieved through one-on-one and group meetings with WOTR staff members who have been involved in various aspects of the organisation’s adaptation programming, with specific emphasis on staff involved with programming related to agro-meteorology and provision of agrometeorological advisories, participatory water budgeting, and adaptation planning.

For more details read the Activity Report here

Activity Date Calender: 

Friday, April 28, 2017 to Thursday, May 18, 2017

Google map location: 

Mini-workshop - WOTR