Researcher Exchanges: Understanding the water, energy and food security nexus to design technology and policy approaches for enhanced adaption to climate change in India

Indian Activity Lead Name: 

Dr. N. K. Tyagi

Indian Activity Lead Organization: 

IDC Foundation

UK Activity Lead Name: 

Prof. L. Mehta

UK Activity Lead Organisation: 

University fo Sussex

The research exchange was mainly designed to initiate interactive discussions with identified experts on important aspects of the water–energy–food nexus. This was facilitated by seminars on the current status of research in natural resource management and food production in India. Additionally, a critical review of the research on some aspects of the WEF security nexus was undertaken to better understand the WEF concept.

This IUKWC Researcher Exchange aimed to:

  • Study the water–energy–food security nexus, relevant technology and policy issues for increased adaptation to climate change impacts on agriculture, in India.
  • Explore opportunities for collaborative research on issues relating to the water–energy– food (WEF) nexus under climate change, and improvement in weather and water smart technology advisory services: a key concern of the IDC Foundation and the IUKWC.
  • Increase awareness amongst the water professionals in India and the UK on India’s current water issues and approaches in the food sector through workshops, scientific papers and seminars.

For more details, read the Activity Report here

Activity Date Calender: 

Friday, June 9, 2017 to Friday, June 30, 2017

Google map location: 

University fo Sussex, UK