CHANSE - Prof. S Ghosh

Coupled Human And Natural Systems Environment (CHANSE) for water management under uncertainty in the Indo-Gangetic Plain

Interviewee: Prof. Subimal Ghosh, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Hindi transcript

Helping stakeholders at different levels – from farmers to water managers, make sustainable water resource management decisions by making their needs and the true scenarios they face, is integral to this water management framework.  The framework is based on two approaches in land-surface modelling - Systems Dynamic Approach, and the Variable Infiltration Capacity model, which has been modified to Indian conditions by coupling the model with groundwater model, Indian Irrigation and paddy irrigation scenarios. Together this framework gives us a better understanding of how the human (water use, management, economics, cropping, etc.) and natural (climate, hydrology, etc) systems in India interact under changing situations, thereby helping us make better water management decisions.
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