Water Brief Documents

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Water Brief

Developing Hydro-climatic Services for Water Security

Opprtunities for collaboration between UK and Indian hydrologists, climatologists and stakeholders

Published in April 2017
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Water Brief 02

Integration of Ecosystem Services into Catchment Management

Monitoring and modelling to provide solutions

Published in March 2018
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Water Brief 03 Daly

Towards the Co-production of Hydro-climatic Services

Learning from Research and Practice

Published in August 2018
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Water Brief 04

Developing Hydro-Climatic Services in the Indian Himalayas

Opprtunities and Challenges

Published in April 2018
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Water Brief 05

Understanding Water–Energy–Food Security Nexus to Design Technology and Policy Approaches for Enhanced Adaptation to Climate Change in India

Published in August 2018
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Water Brief 06

Stakeholder Engagement in Hydro-climatic Services in India

Published in October 2018
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