IUKWC Briefs

The IUKWC published a series of 'water briefs' aimed at providing a concise overview of the current state of water science in the UK and India. The following types of brief were published as relevant to each activity:

  1. State of Science Briefs provide a short and accessible summary of the current state of India-UK science in a particular area and recommendations for future collaboration.
  2. Knowledge Exchange Briefs were designed to explain either: a) how recent India-UK water science can be translated into commercial opportunities for Indian and UK businesses or the science innovation needs of the private sector in a particular area or, b) the potential policy implications of new science or the science required to support future policy development.
  3. Capacity Building Briefs outline the future training needs in relation to a particular area of water science in India or the UK.

Water Brief Documents

First page ImageDescription About the ReportFilename
Water Brief

Developing Hydro-climatic Services for Water Security

Opprtunities for collaboration between UK and Indian hydrologists, climatologists and stakeholders

Published in April 2017
PDF icon Water Brief 01_v1.pdf
Water Brief 02

Integration of Ecosystem Services into Catchment Management

Monitoring and modelling to provide solutions

Published in March 2018
  PDF icon Water_Brief_02_v0.5_Sen_Cranfield.pdf
Water Brief 03 Daly

Towards the Co-production of Hydro-climatic Services

Learning from Research and Practice

Published in August 2018
 PDF icon Water_Brief_03_Daly.pdf
Water Brief 04

Developing Hydro-Climatic Services in the Indian Himalayas

Opprtunities and Challenges

Published in April 2018
 PDF icon Water_Brief_04_Pump_Priming_v0.1.pdf
Water Brief 05

Understanding Water–Energy–Food Security Nexus to Design Technology and Policy Approaches for Enhanced Adaptation to Climate Change in India

Published in August 2018
 PDF icon Water_Brief_05_Tyagi-Final.pdf
Water Brief 06

Stakeholder Engagement in Hydro-climatic Services in India

Published in October 2018
 PDF icon Water_Brief_06_Bharucha.pdf
 water brief 7

Satellite Soil Moisture Observations

Applications in the UK and India

Published in December 2019

 PDF icon Water Brief 07.pdf

 water brief 8

Agricultural water demand in West Bengal

Key gaps and needs of the Sundarbans

Published in December 2019
 PDF icon Water Brief 08.pdf

Water Quality in Kolkata

Management and monitoring of pollution, with a special focus on Arsenic and Fluoride in groundwater

Published in January 2020
 PDF icon Water Brief 09_GFES 2.pdf

Science and Innovation for Catchment Management

Moving forward

Published in January 2020
 PDF icon Water Brief 10.pdf

Understanding aquifer systems of Indian Sundarbans

Participatory Ground Water Management in Saline aquifers of Indian Sundarbans

Published in February 2020
 PDF icon Water Brief 11.pdf

Freshwater Availability for Agriculture in Sundarbans

Variability due to changes in the summer monsoon under current and climate change conditions

Published in February 2020

 PDF icon Water Brief 12 v0.3.pdf

Advancing Drought Monitoring, Prediction, and Management Capabilities

Published in February 2020

 PDF icon Water Brief 13.pdf

System Complexity and Stakeholder Needs

Ensuring river basin models for climate change adaptation are fit-for-purpose

Published in February 2020

 PDF icon Water Brief 14.pdf
 paula water brief

Freshwater resources analysis from Water Harvesting Structures in the Sambhar Salt Lake region, Rajasthan

Using new scientific knowledge to help stakeholders set objectives for freshwater management

Published in May 2020

 PDF icon Water Brief 15.pdf
 Mysore wb 16

Safe and Sustainable Technologies and Strategies for Integrated Freshwater Resource Management: State of Art Approaches

Published in February 2020

 PDF icon Mysore Brief.pdf

Water resource management and climate change adaptation in Central India

Published in June 2020

 PDF icon Water Brief 17 GFES3 UEI2.pdf
 pani water brief

Water balance analysis to support sustainable river basin management in desert rivers

The case of River Luni, India

Published in August 2020

 PDF icon Water Brief 18.pdf