What is needed to ensure hydrological model results are fit for purpose? Senior Researcher Exchange explores.


A one-day workshop on “Exploring How to Ensure Hydrological Model Results are 'Fit for Purpose”, was organised on 22nd May, 2019, as part of a Senior Researcher Exchange between Prof Ian Holman, Cranfield University, UK and host Prof Rajendra Singh at the Agricultural & Food Engineering Department of the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India.

intro_workshopAbout 45 delegates attended the workshop, including representatives from the Government of West Bengal (Irrigation & Waterways Department, Water Resources Development Directorate, West Bengal Accelerated Development of Minor Irrigation Project and the Directorate of Agriculture [Soil Survey]) and the Central Water Commission (Teesta Basin Organisation, CWC, Kolkata). The workshop consisted of a mixture of presentations, individual exercises and discussions that explored stakeholder views with regard to interest in climate change impacts and adaptation, faith in models, the importance of stakeholder engagement in modelling, model and modeller selection criteria and model evaluation.

The key lessons that emerged from the workshop are as follows: 


  • There is no ‘one size fits all’ for systems-based modelling of water resources
  • System representation should be based on the sound system understanding through comprehensive data analysis and stakeholder engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement to design the adaptations and interventions is essential to ensure that model outputs matched stakeholder needs
  • Stakeholders have moderate to a high level of confidence in the model outputs


The Senior Researcher Exchange was part of the Researcher Exchange Initiative of the IUKWC. The topic for this exchange was - “System complexity and stakeholder needs - ensuring river basin models for climate change adaptation are fit-for-purpose,” and was held between 11th and 24th May 2019. 


For more information on the exchange, please click here . The report and water brief from this work will be published at www.iukwc.org in the coming month.