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The aim of the India-UK Water Centre (IUKWC) is to promote cooperation and collaboration between NERC-MoES water security research in order to establish a platform for, and legacy of, long-term partnerships and dialogue between Indian and UK water researchers, water policy-makers and water businesses.


The coastal region of Sundarbans is fertile, but highly vulnerable to natural and human-made hazards (IPCC, 2007). Over the past century, cyclones, sea level rise, increased salinity, reduced freshwater supply, embankment deterioration, to name a few, have taken their toll on human life and property, and for this reason, Sundarbans is considered to be one of the most hazardous areas of the Indian subcontinent (IPCC, 2007).
A one-day workshop on “Exploring How to Ensure Hydrological Model Results are 'Fit for Purpose’”, was organised on 22nd May, 2019 at the Agricultural & Food Engineering Department of the IIT Kharagpur, India.

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Call for abstracts: 7th International Conference on Flood and Urban Water Management friar20
  • Short Name: FRIAR 2020
  • Event Type: Conference
  • Website URL: https://www.wessex.ac.uk/conferences/2020/friar-2020
  • Contact E-mail: imoreno@wessex.ac.uk
  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Venue: Tryp Valencia Oceanic Hotel
  • Date: May 11-13, 2020
  • Organization: Wessex Institute of Technology