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The India-UK Water Centre (IUKWC) was established in 2016 to promote cooperation and collaboration between NERC-MoES water security research in order to establish a platform for, and legacy of, long-term partnerships and dialogue between Indian and UK water researchers, water policy-makers and water businesses. The Centre was decommissioned effective October 1, 2020. This is now a legacy website and as such is not updated. For more information about the Centre and its various activities, click here

To view the IUKWC closure notice please click here.

Linking Academics

The IUKWC supported a range of activities that were targeted at enhancing interaction, discussion, and the building of collaborative research projects between Indian and UK water researchers.

Linking All Stakeholders

In order to promote the concepts of co-design and co-creation, the IUKWC facilitated specific events that brought together academics and stakeholders from grass-roots levels to state and national levels to discuss, share ideas and learn from one another. The ultimate goal was to enable collaborations that could lead to more science outputs that support policy- and decision-making.
about us

About Us

The India-UK Water Centre (IUKWC) was a virtual joint centre established in 2016 and funded by the Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) and the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).


Publications were developed after each IUKWC activities and can be accessed here

Open Network

The Open Network of India-UK Water Scientists was an online, searchable database of individuals and organisations based in the UK or India with research interests in water security.

Indo - UK Projects

Relevant collaborative Indo-UK research projects