Reports from IUKWC Activities

Short Activity Reports outlining the science focus, programme development and participation in each activity that was faciliated by IUKWC.

Reports of Grassroots Field Exposure Sessions (GFES)

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gefs3 activity report

Water Resource Management & Supply in Central India

Report of Grassroots Field Exposure Session February 2019

Published in June 2020

Stakeholder Lead - Dr Pankaj Kumar &
Technical Lead - Dr Alexandre Gagnon & Dr Sumit Sinha
PDF icon GFES 3 Activity Report.pdf

Water quality management and source protection in West Bengal

Report of Grassroots Field Exposure Session December 2018

Published in January 2020

Dr. Manoj Kumar Tiwari & Dr. Richard Allan

PDF icon GEFS 2.pdf 

PDF icon GFES 2 Group reports.pdf

grassroot1Agricultural Water Demand in West BengalMr. D. Joshi & Prof. L. Das

PDF icon GFES 1.pdf 

 PDF icon GFES 1 Group reports.pdf

Reports of Pump Priming Projects

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Climate change impacts on freshwater availability for agriculture in Sundarbans, India

Professor Lalu Das & Dr Alexandre Gagnon Report of Pump Priming Project February 2020

Published February 2020
 PDF icon Gagnon, Das and Roy.pdf

Improving our understanding of the aquifer systems in Sundarbans

Dr Gopal Krishan, Dr Purnaba Dasgupta & Dr Andrew McKenzie Report of Pump Priming Project February 2020

Published February 2020
 PDF icon Krishan, Dasgupta and McKenzie PPP.pdf

Satellite Soil Moisture Observations: Applications in the UK and India

Tebbs, E. Report of Pump Priming Project December 2019

Published December 2019
 PDF icon Tebbs PPP Report.pdf

Current Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Hydro-Climatic Services in the Himalayas

Widmann Report of Pump Priming Project Novermber 2019

Published Novermber 2019
 PDF icon Widmann_report.pdf
Reports of pump priming project april 2019

Stakeholder Engagement in Hydro-climatic Services in India

Report of Pump Priming Project July–October 2017

Published April 2019
 PDF icon UK-I A4 Gen_Report_Bharucha Report EB v0.6.pdf

Reports of User Engagement Initiative (UEI)

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Water Resource Management & Science – Supporting One

Another Videos from the IUKWC’s VirtualUEI (3) – 9th – 17th September 2020

 Publications are in the form of video interviews

Water Resource Management & Supply in Central India

Report of User Engagement Initiative 2(UEI 2) - 28th Feb- 2nd March 2019

Published June 2020

 PDF icon UEI 2 Report.pdf
UEI Activity report

Improving Freshwater Monitoring Frameworks for Data and Research Management

Report of User Engagement Initiative(UEI) - 23rd - 25th January 2018

Published November 2018

 PDF icon UEI_Activity_report.pdf

Reports of Researcher Exchanges

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 pani_acitivity_report A Water Balance Analysis to Support Sustainable River Basin Management in Desert River Luni, IndiaDr Padmini Pani PDF icon Pani RE Report.pdf
 paula_report Freshwater resources analysis from Water Harvesting Structures in the Sambhar Salt Lake region, RajasthanMs Arce Vicente, Paula PDF icon Paula Vicent Mishra Report.pdf
 amruta_pradhan Post facto assessment of dams in Maharashtra, India in collaboration with FutureDams Consortium UKMs Amruta Pradhan PDF icon Amruta RE Report.pdf
 vimal_mishra Integrating Remotely Sensed Observations of Surface Water Storage with Climate Forecast for Freshwater ManagementVimal Mishra PDF icon Mishra Report.pdf
 holman System Complexity and Stakeholder Needs: Ensuring river basin models for climate change adaptation are fit-forpurposeHolman, I PDF icon Holman Singh RE Activity Report.pdf
 bloor report Development of a Carbon-Based Polymer Composite Product for Efficient Recovery of Crude Oil in Oil Spill Environments

 Jonathan Bloor PDF icon bloor report.pdf
 gary fone A Small Scale Monitoring Study for a Range of Pharmaceuticals in the River Foss Catchment and Comparison to Concentrations in the River Nag, India

 Akanksha Singh Kachhawaha PDF icon Akansha RE report.pdf
 Re gary fone Passive Sampling Devices to Improve the Monitoring of Anthropogenic Pollutants in River Catchments in India
 Prof. Gary Fones Gary Fones RE report.pdf
N K tyagi research exchange reportUnderstanding Water–Energy–Food Security Nexus to Design Technology and Policy Approaches for Enhanced Adaptation to Climate Change in IndiaDr. N. K. Tyagi

Senior RE - Tyagi Report

Tyagi Implications Report

Tyagi Transitioning Report

 Sumit sen research exchange programEcosystem Services Assessment and its Implementation in UKSumit Sen PDF icon IUKWC Activity report_Sen v0.1.pdf
Rupa chandra research exchange reportQuantifying resilience of water infrastructure to extreme precipitation events in urban areasChandra Rupa RPDF icon IUKWC_Exchange Report_Rupa.pdf
Megan Daly Research programConsolidating Learning About Stakeholder Engagement from Research and Practice: Toward the Development of Hydro-climatic ServicesDr. Meaghan DalyPDF icon IUKWC Researcher Exchange Report_Daly v0.1.pdf

Reports of Workshops

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Safe and Sustainable Technologies and Strategies for Integrated Freshwater Resource Management

Report of Scientific Workshop June 2019

Published May 2020
 PDF icon Mysore-Report.pdf
 Lancaster workshop report

Advancing Drought Monitoring,Prediction, and Management Capabilities

Report of Scientific Workshop February 2020

Published February 2020
 PDF icon Lancaster Workshop Report.pdf

Science and Innovation for Catchment Management

Report of Scientific Workshop May 2019

Published January 2020
 PDF icon Warwick-Report.pdf

Integrating Precipitation Forecasts and Climate Prediction with BasinScale Hydroclimatic Modelling in the Himalayas

Report on Scientific Workshop 2nd - 4th May 2018

Published June 2019
 PDF icon Dehradun-workshop-May-2018.pdf

Enhancing Freshwater Monitoring Through Earth Observation

Report of Workshop 19-21 June 2017

Published January 2018
 PDF icon IUKWC_Activity Report_Stirling_EFM_EO_V 1.1.pdf

Developing Hydro – Climatic Services For Water Security

Report on Scientific Workshop 29 Nov-1 Dec 2016

Published April 2017
PDF icon IUKWC_Workshop 1_Hydro-climatic_Pune_ActivityReport V0.5_1.pdf