The Experiences of IUKWC Junior Exchange Researchers


Having the opportunity to expand your horizons in science and personally through an exchange experience is not something that everyone has an opportunity to do. However, since inception, the IUKWC has provided this opportunity to 8 junior and 5 senior researchers from India and the UK to visit fellow scientists in the other country to exchange not only research ideas and methods, but also build and strengthen friendships and networks. This year, five exchanges have been facilitated, with three of the five being Junior Researchers. Here, the two researchers from the UK and one from India share their experiences beyond the research they went to carry out.

To read more about Jonathan Bloor’s experiences at the Department of Instrumentation & Applied Physics in the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore see here
To read more about Paula Arce Vicente’s experiences in Rajasthan with Water Wisdom Foundation and at IIT Gandhinagar and IISER Bhopal, see here

For reports and water briefs on the science and recommendations from all the researcher exchanges undertaken thus far go to Reports on Research Exchanges (please log in/ register to the Open Network) and Reports on Water Briefs.