Researcher Exchanges : Ecosystems services assessment and its implementation in UK


भारतीय गतिविधि में अग्रणी नाम: 

Dr. Sumit Sen

भारतीय गतिविधि में अग्रणी संस्थान: 

Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

यूके गतिविधि में अग्रणी नाम: 

Dr. Andrea Momblanch

यूके गतिविधि में अग्रणी संस्थान: 

Cranfield Unviersity


The Exchange had an initial phase devoted to sharing information and planning in detail the work to do during the three weeks, followed by a time to individually analyse the information. An initial coordination meeting was held to discuss the case study data, the selection of target ecosystem services and the tools to assess them, and definition of the preliminary aims of the study and the subsequent paper. The agreed points were further discussed with the leader of the Catchment Management group, Prof. Ian Holman, to develop a final working plan.

Most of the exchange period was devoted to work on the case study. This activity included the acquisition of missing data and data preparation for the ecosystem services assessment, and the calibration and simulation of models. It required some time to share knowledge about the selected models, becoming an inter-training activity. It is worth mentioning that the time available to develop the whole activity was not enough to complete it, and a post-exchange work plan was agreed. However, the outline of the paper describing the study was written to be completed when the final results are available. For more details, read the Activity Report here

गतिविधि का तिथि पंचांग: 

सोमवार, मई 15, 2017 to रविवार, जून 4, 2017

Google map location: 

Cranfield University, UK