COSMOS -India B - Dr Mujumdar

Rural Capacity Building Programme

Interviewee: Dr Milind Mujumdar, IITM, Pune

Hindi transcript

 This interview consists of two parts – Part A, which introduces the COSMOS soil moisture monitoring system and how it can benefit water management and crop production, and Part B, which covers a follow-on project that builds on the technical learning from COSMOS to build rural capacity and in time, further support a broad network of low-cost sensors across India. 

In this video, Dr Milind Mujumdar shares the work being done under the Rural Capacity Building Programme, led by IITM, and building on the COSMOS project in India.  In this interview you will learn about the low-cost sensors for monitoring field-scale variations of surface and sub-surface soil moisture that are being developed with various organisations.  You will also learn about the development of a wireless network for these sensors being done with rural faculty and students.

In Part A, Dr Jonathan Evans introduces the COSMOS system – a field scale in situ soil moisture measurement technology – which can inform water resource managers and agricultural outreach practitioners on the soil moisture status and crop water need, thus helping to reduce over-irrigation and increase water use efficiency, whilst maintaining or improving crop yields.   

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Dr Milind Mujumdar, IITM, Pune, India