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The IUKWC supported the translation and communication of outcomes from India-UK water research to users via three User Engagement Initiatives. These initiatives focussed on translating the results of India-UK science into policy/operational practice and were designed to bring together scientists with policy makers, regulators and commercial companies to support either: a) the translation and communication of India-UK water security science to users or b) collect input on stakeholder needs for future research and innovation.

The first two UEI took the form of a two-day knowledge exchange conference and workshop, and the third was a virtual event (due to the COVID pandemic). The topic for the first UEI was directed by IUKWC, whereas that of the second was proposed by a member of the Open Network, building on discussions from an IUKWC Workshop. The final UEI was based on stakeholder-focused interviews of researchers involved in recently completed Indo-UK projects.

For the first two UEIs, academic and research participants were selected from the Open Network through open calls, using the established criteria used by the board (see here) and activity leads, in the case of UEI 2. Wide range of stakeholders, from central and state government to NGOs and businesses involved in water development, protection, and management, were invited to attend all UEIs.

Virtual in nature, this UEI communicated the current scientific needs and nature of government-academia collaborations in India to wider scientific and stakeholder communities in both the countries. A set of pre-recorded interviews with experts from the Indian and the UK water sector were launched during the 2-hour event held on the 9th of September 2020. A transcript in Hindi, is also available for each video.

The second India-UK Water Centre User Engagement Event (UEI), focussing on the management and supply of water resources in Central India was held in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh between the 28th February and 2nd March 2019.

An India-UK Water Centre workshop on Improving freshwater monitoring frameworks and data for research and management was held in Kochi, India on 23rd to 25th January 2018